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Jessheim friidrettsstadion 9. – 11. august

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International participants must register via e-mail to


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diskos=discus, hekk=hurdle, hinder=steeplechase, høyde=high jump, kule=shot put, lengde=long jumpb, slegge=hammer, spyd=javelin, stav=pole vault, tresteg=triple jump


International participants must register via e-mail to

Entry fee:

  • NOK 105,- 10 years and younger 

  • NOK 270,- 100 m (two runs)

  • NOK 350,- 3000 m og 800 m (pacers)

  • NOK 135,- for all other events 11 years og older 


Thon Hotel Gardermoen can offer accommodation with homemade/continental breakfast::

  • 1 adult 995,-

  • 2 adult 1095,-

  • 3 adult 1245,-

  • 4 adult 1395,-

  • Special offer 2 adults and 2 children (up to 14 years): NOK 1,245 Family rooms can be booked via


Meeting info

100 m

100 m is carried out with heats and final heats for all, both KS, MS, J15, J16, G15 and G16. The heats are seeded so that the best end up in the last heat. The final heats are seeded after the heats results with the A final at the end.

The time between heats and finals is tried to be kept at approx. 60 minutes, but depending on the number of participants and what is practically feasible.


Races with direct finals, i.e. 200 m and longer, are seeded so that the best heat, the A final, comes last.

Seeding lists will be posted on this page in advance where there are likely to be more heats. Information for seeding can be sent to


Downwind running will be carried out as far as the weather permits in 100 m and 200 m.


We try to provide pacers in as many distance heats as possible for MS and KS. 800 m and 3000 m, which are organized on Friday, will be prioritized, but we are also trying to provide pacesetters for 1500 m.

Ageclasses 15-19 years

We see at many competitions that many athletes from the age of 15 and older move up to the senior class to get proper competition. We are therefore trying to turn this around by saying that where the event is similar to the senior class, then everyone signs up for the senior class, but medals are awarded to the best in the various year classes15, 16, 17 and 18/19 years, in addition to senior.

All heats are seeded according to level and not age, so that everyone faces competition at their level. This applies, among other things, to the events 100 m, 200 m, 800 m, 1500 m and 3000 m, as well as all technical events that have the same height and weight.

NB! For 100 m, 200 m and long jump, we have chosen to have separate year-classes for boys and girls, 15 and 16 years old!​​

800 m steeplechase

We have organized steeplechase for kids under 15 years for several years now and it is becoming more and more popular to take part. This is an event that we have chosen to define as the following:

  • They run 800 m, but since it is a little shorter through the water pit, they start approx. 7.5 meters before the usual starting line of 800 m.

  • The first obstacle you jump over is on the far side, just before passing 200 m.

  • There are two obstacles first round + water pit. On the last round all obstacles, a total of eight obstacles.

  • The obstacles are 50 cm high, but otherwise have the same design as normal obstacles and are moved in the same place.

  • The water pit obstacle is only 10 cm high and is placed on the edge of the water ditch.

800 m hinder.jpg
800 m hinder 2.jpg


It is a short distance from Oslo Airport to the Jessheim friidrettsstadion with regular bus departures on route 450. It is also possible to take the train via Hovedbanen (to Dal) and then it is the shortest way if you get off at Nordby, approx. 1 km north of Jessheim station.

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